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I'm glad I found you all!  I'm new to this list and have become obsessed
with creating books. I'm a graphic designer (now web designer) and am
currently taking printmaking (which is not my favorite class, I admit,
although I don't think I'm ready just yet to appreciate it).

My love is assemblage/collage and I after all the surfing on the internet,
I've found beautiful and interesting examples of  art books and
assemblage.  If any of you know artists who combine these two mediums, I'd
love to hear from you.

I have recently bought 4 of Keith Smith's books (and need to buy the other
4). I have found his books an invaluable resource. So far, his books have
been my "bible". Any other recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a good source of general book binding supplies? Maybe
even a place that has a catalog?  I haven't had much luck with this.


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