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[BKARTS] please help: MFA or apprenticeship? Or....??

Greetings All-
This list serv (my first) is an excellent resource and I enjoy opening my
mailbox to find the various posts and queries. I have one of my own that I
hope will elicit some response.

I am new to (the apparently ambiguous realm of) "book arts" but I have a
strong background in graphic arts and museum curation and I want to weave book
arts (my version: letterpress, binding, printmaking, etc) into the mix. I see
myself (at least initially) working in a museum or library setting, managing
collections (visual or otherwise) while building my skills with book arts,
possibly teaching and eventually practicing the art(s) full-time. Please send
any thoughts on the following:

*advice on entering a MFA program vs. doing an apprenticeship (pros and cons
of both)

*MFA programs in CA (I'm moving back next year; currently in Virginia); will
also consider the SW U.S. (have looked into the prog at ASU)

*apprenticeships in CA (ditto on the SW U.S.)
(thanks for your earlier reply, Patrice! -- the only one I got!)

*other ideas...?

If there's an archive on the list that has this covered already -- or anything
about educational options -- please send me instructions on how to access the
Thanks for your time-

Shannon Wilson
Snakedoctor Press

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