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>I have recently bought 4 of Keith Smith's books (and need to buy the other
>4). I have found his books an invaluable resource. So far, his books have
>been my "bible". Any other recommendations?

Actually he has over 100 books, although some have only been one-of-a-kinds,
or even zero-of-a-kinds.
As far as more how-to books, his "Non-adhesive binding" series now has four
volumes, and he also has published "Book Binding for Book Artists". "Text in
the Book Format" and "Structure of the Visual Book" are almost how-to...
they discuss ways of making the binding and page layout be part of the
content rather than just a way of keeping pages of text in order.

>Can anyone recommend a good source of general book binding supplies? Maybe
>even a place that has a catalog?  I haven't had much luck with this.
That sort of depends on where you are located.
-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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