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Re: [BKARTS] Cutoffs

First, let me warn you that you are treading down dangerous ground.  If you
can't throw away scraps, your bindery will become nothing but scraps with no
place to work.  I know, I've been there...

On the other hand, such thin strips of paper can be "recycled" and used as
glue up guards when having to tip in pages or to mask off areas where you
don't want glue.  Of course, you can only use so many glue guards before you
are up to your elbows in those as well...


on 11/6/02 7:39 AM, Ted Smolen at tsmolen@earthlink.net wrote:

I recently finished trimming a 450+ page book in preparation for binding and
ended up with hundreds of pieces of Mohawk Superfine with the dimensions of
60mm X 235 mm. As I only need a couple of bookmarks, does anyone have any
suggestions as to what these small pieces could be used for? It seems a
shame to throw them away. Thanks.

Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
Book: Artist | Binder | Conservator

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