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Re: [BKARTS] two questions (fan binding and altered books)

Hi Yehuda:

Peter Jermann does make the double fan binding machine, but I don't know if
the e-mail suggested below will work. Peter has a website
http://www.temperproductions.com/ and you can get his contact information
from there as well as see pictures of his equipment.

By the way I can't for the life of me think of why double fan binding is not
used more today. The local bookbinder I have got supplies from doesn't use
it. He saws deep cuts in the book spine and lays strings in the grooves.
Then he uses layers and layers of scrim to, as he puts it, make the book not
open too far so it will not break. Recently I went with my dad to a
community center where he lives. There is a bookbinding shop there too which
rebinds and binds new specialty books like family histories. He too does not
seem to know about double fan binding. He also saws deep grooves in the
spine and lays in string. I understand that double fan binding was invented
about 70 years ago. So what is the delay in it's acceptance? Can someone
tell me?

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-----Original Message-----
peter Jermann makes a wooden double fan adhesive machine.  you can =
contact him at temper@csi.com

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1. Can I get a lead on the guy who makes machines to do fan binding?

2. What is the web site for the artists' book organization (altered =

Yehuda Miklaf

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