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Re: [BKARTS] Cutoffs

It seems a shame to throw scraps away. If an immediate and easy end user
cannot be found, it sometimes is the most efficient thing to do, even when
the scraps are high quality. Part of my business has to do with
conservation, mostly with energy, but I have looked into other forms of
conservation as well. If we look at some of the statistics we find:

   1. About 40% of all books that are printed are never even sold and the
books scrapped due to low sales. Because many of these books are scrapped by
the book stores, not all will even find their way into a recycling bin.
   2. Print-On-Demand is getting more popular now which it seems should
reduce the paper waste mentioned above. Not necessarily. Many of these books
are printed in 8.5 x 11 inch format and then because people think that such
a book size looks amateur, the books are trimmed to 6 x 9 or 7 x 10 inches.
Think of the paper scraps developed with this process when millions of books
are printed.
   3. A huge amount of books like software books are hardly even read before
they are replaced with newer versions.
   4. Newspapers are read for a few minutes and then thrown away.
   5. We all get a large amount of flyers in the mail on a steady basis.
   6. It will use up a large amount of non renewable fossil fuel to deliver
small scraps of paper to various places.

We can save the most paper by looking at the big picture first and trying to
do something about that. Does that sound like I'm preaching.

Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc.
8-1200 Brunette Ave. Coquitlam BC V3K1G3 Canada
E-mail: ben@benwiens.com
Energy Website: http://www.benwiens.com
Read my popular web-booklet "Energy Science Made Simple"

-----Original Message-----
First, let me warn you that you are treading down dangerous ground.  If you
can't throw away scraps, your bindery will become nothing but scraps with no
place to work.  I know, I've been there...

-----Original Message-----
I recently finished trimming a 450+ page book in preparation for binding and
ended up with hundreds of pieces of Mohawk Superfine with the dimensions of
60mm X 235 mm. As I only need a couple of bookmarks, does anyone have any
suggestions as to what these small pieces could be used for? It seems a
shame to throw them away. Thanks.

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