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[BKARTS] The definition of Hand Bookbinding?

Charlene, were you drinking before you wrote the message, or are you really
constantly living in fear of "The Machine." Maybe you have nightmares about
someone forcing you to use a machine? But I am wondering how you can even
bind a book without any sort of machine?

Just like I was confused last week about what "Book Arts" is, my new
question is, what is the definition of "Hand Bookbinding?" I scanned the


and tried to find a definition in


I couldn't find anything. There must be a definition otherwise one where
would "hand binding" stop and "machine binding" start?

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-----Original Message-----
Ben, you Are full of beans.  Heres some more fodder.

I keep toying with buying a fan gluer, but I am a Hand Bookbinder and the
fan gluer would put my business on a machine level. I dont care for machine

I looked at Peters fan gluer, very very tasty. hmm.

Charlene Matthews
5720 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA  90038

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