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Re: [BKARTS] Double-fan binding perfect bound books

Hi Ben and others:

With regard to notching vs no notching when doing double-fan adhesive
binding I must add that notching is not always necessary, and when it
is done, it is not always done properly. As you have mentioned a deep
notch (by this I mean 1/8 inch or more) may actually defeat the
purpose of double-fanning by not allowing for an easy opening book. A
deep notch allows adhesive to form cleats that resist the lay flat
characteristics of the double-fan bound book. If you force open a
book that has been deeply notched (pretend you are smashing it down
on a flat plate photo copier) those little cleats may actually tear
the paper.

Secondly, notching should probably not be done on older books that
have brittle paper even if notching knives or blades are new and
sharp. This we have learned from sad experience. Notching devices can
also make wonderful shredding machines.

Very shallow notches of about 1/16 inch ( 2 mm) or less work very
well. Especially when they are cut by a milling knife that clean,
sharp and has many teeth. Our notching knives are cut in a
trapezoidal shape. The many shallow notches effectively increase the
(length) of the spine that is exposed to adhesive by X3 !!

Spine preparation, whether you notch or do not notch, is extremely
important. You need to make sure that each leaf of the text block is
loose (cut) and that there are NO inner folds or remaining from uncut
signatures. The spine also needs to be clean of all debris (old
thread or paper scrap) and crisp (ie) dog eared from jogging.

The next worry is in the adhesive you plan to use but that is another
story. Suffice it to say that we have chosen a cold emulsion,
internally plasticized copolymer polyvinyl acetate (PVA) that is
specifically formulated for that purpose.

Gregor Campbell
Campbell-Logan Bindery, Inc.


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