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Re: [BKARTS] Double-fan binding - Spine exposed by notching

>Great information Gregor:
>Would you mind however clarifying your statement that "many shallow notches
>effectively increase the
>(length) of the spine that is exposed to adhesive by X3." Isn't that
>statement a bit misleading?

        I believe what Greg meant was the notching increases the
surface area, not necessarily the length.

>When double-fan gluing, isn't it the total glue area that is important? A
>simple sample calculation shows the following:
>    <snip>
>So it seems that notching only increases the total glue area slightly, it
>has 1.33 x the area and not 3 x the area as is often thought.

        At the end of my day I'm not feeling mentally adept enough to
read your formula.  However, I understand your point.  Perhaps
tripling the surface area is not a precise accounting of notching
process.  Although the surface area is increased after notching.

You can view a picture of the notching Greg was referring to here

>  One couldincrease the glue penetration only slightly on the side of
>each page and achieve the same total glue area. This would result in
>greater spine
>flexibility? Maybe notching is desirable in practice because it roughens up
>the paper fibers, but wouldn't just exposing the fibers be better?

        Not having gone to such exacting lengths as yourself I can
not answer with absolute certainty.  But I would assume that any
increase in surface area would increase the adhesion as opposed to
simply roughing up the fibers.

- Duncan

        Campbell-Logan Bindery, Inc.
              Minneapolis, MN

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