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Re: [BKARTS] Double-fan binding perfect bound books

Here are some websources and links for further exploration into the realm of
super-flexible double-fan adhesive bound books.  I have learned from both
Peter Jermann and Gary Frost but I am sure there are other theories/models
out there.

Some of Gary Frost's articles from BookLab are avaible here:
(see specifically the "Transfer Tape Binding" although everything that Gary
writes is a more than just a very interesting and educational reading

Peter Jermann's website describes some of his ideas under "How To Guides"

And to see a picture of what we do at Dartmouth College, there are some
pictures and text available (the structure is called a "coptic binding" in
the library, though it is not a sewn coptic binding -- rather the name is
taken from Gary's idea of the historical tradition of bindings whose cover
is attached like a first/last page rather than cased in -- and the full
official name is the "Millenium Coptic Paper Back Double-fan Adhesive
Binding" so you can see why it was shortened to "coptic"

Maybe Peter and/or Gary can chime in too.  Or I would be happy to answer
questions about our specific application of the double-fan binding here in
the library.

on 11/8/02 12:39 PM, Jules Siegel at siegel@CAFECANCUN.COM wrote:

> Is there somewhere I can see the specifications for these techniques?

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