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Re: [BKARTS] Double-fan binding perfect bound books

Hi Ben,
I get the best results when I double-fan-bind the text block, spreading a some
of the cold emulsion glue about half an inch onto each of the end sheets,
followed immediately by application of a strip of mull. Then I stack the text
blocks with a sheet of wax paper between each block, placing the blocks with
the spine alternately to the left and to the right. Every five book blocks I
insert a sheet of 1/4" plywood or a piece of sheet metal. On top I place
another sheet of plywood or metal, with a paper-wrapped brick to apply a bit
of pressure. After the stack has dried at least two hours, I run a thin strip
of cold emulsion glue on each end sheet, parallel to and half an inch away
from the spine. Then I apply the pre-scored covers, using the same alternate
stacking system as before, but without the waxed paper. The last step is to
guillotine each book, using a piece of binders board stuck to the bottom of
the guillotine clamp with refrigerator card magnets. The board is kept 1/2"
away from the left side of the clamp so that when I trim the head and tail of
the book, the clamp does not crush the spine.
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>Hi Waqar:
>The definition of what a perfect bound book is a little vague and I couldn't
>find a good one on the Internet. Here is how I define it: A book with a wrap
>around paper cover, in which the pages are bound by reasonably flexible
>adhesive, the cover is glued directly to the spine of the bound pages, and
>the cover and book block are trimmed flush.
>Double-fan gluing is a method of glue binding pages of many different kinds
>of books, so it is not in the same family of definitions as book
>construction styles.
>Yes perfect bound books can be bound using double-fan gluing and I would say
>you have been double fan gluing. Because the spine of the cover is stiff in
>a perfect bound book, the books will not open very flat. If you are using
>cold emulsion adhesive, your perfect bound book will feel similar to a
>modern polyurethane bound book which allows you to bend the spine severely
>and open the book fairly flat without damaging the book badly, but the spine
>of the cover will soon be full of creases. Most high volume paperback novels
>have been bound using polyurethane adhesive for about 10 years already. Just
>check the spines of paperback novels in the library. They are completely
>creased but still very much on one piece.
>Mostly double-fan gluing is used to produce Hard cover or RepKover style
>books which open very flat. Both these styles of books do not glue the spine
>of the cover to the book block.
>Marriage of double-fan gluing with cold emulsion adhesive to making perfect
>bound books can be quite tricky. As such the perfect binding process wasn't
>really developed for it. The cold emulsion adhesive swells the edges of the
>pages more than hot melt glue. While I haven't spent lot's of time making
>such a book, my recommendation is to first double fan glue the pages, clamp
>the book block all the way to the bound edge, scrape off excess glue that
>squeezes out immediately, let the binding glue dry for a few hours, then
>independently glue the cover to the book block this time using a flat block
>to press the cover onto the bound pages to prevent spine waviness.
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>I have been reading about perfect binding and was wondering how it differs
>from double-fan binding? Aside from tilting the pages one way then the
>other to get a bit more glue penetration, is there any difference between
>double-fan and perfect (apart from the heated glue)? I have been doing some
>(im)perfect bound paperbacks by hand with Aleenes's Tacky glue and I fan
>both directions to get in some more. Am I an inadvertant "double-fanner"?
>On a slightly tangential line during my experiments at home I'm having a
>tough time getting the covers folding at the right places and fitting the
>spine. Anybody care to share their techniques for getting a good fit
>between the cover and book block for paperbacks?
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