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Re: [BKARTS] spine notching

When I worked with a french binder he had french bookbinding saws.  They were rather thick blades that tapered down to the teeth.  The teeth were not laterally staggered like most saws.  Since I needed to fabricate one for myself I purchased a smallish "back saw:.  I then placed the blade on a iron plate and hammered the stagger out of the teeth until they all pretty much lined up.  With a regular saw motion it made very thin kerfs.  If one wanted "recessed-cord" kerfs you would start sawing streight down and start wiggling the saw blade left and right, with a gradually widening motion.  This would give a kerf that was narrow at the edge and wider as you went deeper.  Sort of like a key-hole shape.  When sewing, the cord would pull into this trough-like kerf.

Bruce Levy
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