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[BKARTS] does anyone know where I can find

Hello list,

I have had an attack of the vapors. Does anyone know where I can find a fan,
or better yet, a double fan?

Seriously, the continuing discussion regarding fan binding has made me a
believer. Much thanks. I look forward to receiving the now in queue wooden
hand helper (not fossil fuel driven machine) by P. Jermann. The tide turned
for me when I saw a small guillotine (table top) made of steel, not iron
which is so precise that even though it only cuts up to two inches of book
block at a time, a second stack of paper is cut as perfectly as the first.
The bindery in which I saw the machine did not know the name of the maker as
she received the machine second hand. She thinks it may be German. My guess
is it is around 24 inches by 24 inches.

So the real question is: does anyone know where I can find a distributor?
Does anyone want to warn me against it???

With much thanks for this list - I have learned so much about questions I
didn't even know enough to ask.


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