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[BKARTS] MFA in Book Arts from Purchase College, SUNY

Since there has been some recent mention on the list-serve about the
Neuberger and the School of Art+Design at Purchase College, I would like to
post this announcement about our MFA program with a concentration in Book
Arts. (It is a small program, but is one of the oldest MFA programs in Book
Arts/Art of the Book in the country.)

Please tell colleagues, friends, and students about it.

Many thanks,

Philip Zimmermann


Purchase College, State University of New York, is accepting applications
for a Master of Fine Arts Program of Professional Study in the Visual Arts
with a concentration in Book Arts. The Masters of Fine Arts program at
Purchase has been in effect since 1984. It is a small, highly selective
program, normally consisting of not more than sixteen to eighteen full-time
graduate students.

Faculty involved in the Book Arts component of the MFA program include
Antonio Frasconi, Warren Lehrer, Phil Zimmermann, Margot Lovejoy and
Cassandra Hooper.

Purchase is located in Westchester County, 35 miles north of New York City.
The colleges proximity to New York City plays a crucial role in every
student's curricular and extra-curricular studies and supports an active
program of visiting artists, critics, and lecturers. As a unit within the
SUNY system, tuition is considerably lower than that of comparable schools,
even for out-of-state students.

The purpose of the program is to foster the artistic, intellectual, and
professional growth of each student through exposure to a variety of
viewpoints represented by our faculty, visiting artists and critics, and the
current cohort of graduate students. The program provides an environment in
which students may intensively pursue their independent studio work, as well
as pertinent art historical and other academic studies.

The MFA Program is designed to be completed in two years with a minimal
course requirement of 64 credits. The 64 required credits of course work
includes 24 credits of independent studio work, 16 credits of Graduate
Studio Seminar (visiting artists), 8 credits of MA Colloquium (critical
theory) and 16 credits of academic electives chosen in consultation with an

Concentrations are offered in Painting/Drawing, Sculpture/3-D Media,
Printmaking and Art of the Book. Interdisciplinary concentrations are also
encouraged. MFA students have access to all areas of The School of
Art+Design including photography, video, electronic visualization, and
computer graphics. All MFA candidates are assigned semiprivate studio
spaces. Opportunities to assist in the teaching of undergraduate courses
and, when appropriate, to develop and offer courses are also part of the
program. The course of study culminates in the MFA Thesis Exhibition which
is accompanied by a written statement articulating the work's philosophical
and/or formal viewpoint.

MFA students also have an opportunity at Purchase to earn a joint MA/MFA
degree. The MA/MFA is a full-time course of study leading to proficiency as
an artist and as a teacher of modern and contemporary art. The Purchase Art
History Board of Study's Master of Arts program focuses on Twentieth Century
Art History with three areas of emphasis: art history, art criticism, and
museum studies. The combined degree will require three years of in-residence
study with a total course load of 96 credits. The 96 required credits of
course work includes 36 credits of independent studio work, 16 credits of
Graduate Studio Seminar (visiting artists), 8 credits of MA Colloquium
(critical theory), 24 credits of Art History electives, 8 credits of
Master's Thesis, and 4 credits of an academic elective. Apart from
preparation for museum and gallery work and writing art criticism, students
enrolled in the MA/MFA Program gain considerable competitive advantage in
pursuit of a teaching career in studio art.


Application deadline for Fall 2003 is February 1, 2003

Write to: Office of Admissions Purchase College, SUNY 735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577-1400 Attn: Graduate Programs

For application materials or information, call: 914.251.6300

Website for applying to the program:

General School of Art+Design web page:

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