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Re: [BKARTS] MFA in Book Arts from Purchase College, SUNY

As someone who has first-hand knowledge of Purchase College and the book
arts program there, I would strongly urge anyone considering this option to
select another alternative.  It is NOT a reliable, or competent, program.
The book arts program when I was there (1996-97) was for the most part
unstaffed, unfunded, undirected, unappreciated, unimaginative, uninspired,
and as a result, unappealing.  After a frustrating year working with one of
the worst persons I've ever met in the 54 years of my life I moved on to
more rewarding ways to improving my education.

There are many fine book arts programs across the U.S. and the program at
Purchase College in my opinion is not one of them.

Ed Hutchins

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