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Re: [BKARTS] Recent Fan and Perfect Bindings Discussions - Repair of Perfect Bindings from 1830/80s?

Gavin, I examined some "Limited Edition" hard cover books recently which are
published by LRS Books and produced on a Ultrabind double-fan binding
machine in California as far as I can tell. I found them at a local library
and played with the books for awhile. These books do have a rounded back as
well as the 3 mm shoulders. So it seems that a double-fan bound book can be
made in the same style as the original book. You said: "If this were to be
done with fan gluing, the open pages at the apex would not be well adhered."
What do you mean by the apex?

By the way your post yesterday about better adhesives set me off on some
research about adhesives.

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-----Original Message-----
The point that I was addressing is that these are hard board books with a
formed spine.  In such a forming, the paper is flared slightly, to the
extent of perhaps 3mm on each side.  While this is not a large amount, in
conjunction with the rounding, it does admit of the glue entering the block
to some degree.  The clamp limits the extent of ingress somewhat, but the
spine will be stiffened quite a lot.  If this were to be done with fan
gluing, the open pages at the apex would not be well adhered, and the spine
would be weak at that location, or a some other place.

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