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Re: [BKARTS] Recent Fan and Perfect Bindings Discussions - Repair of Perfect Bindings from 1830/80s?

Hi Ben,

Very interesting.  Were there true notches?  Often, hard bound glued blocks
are not notched in.

By apex I mean the centre of the spine, where the pages would normally
stand straight up in a formed spine.  Toward the sides, they tend to lie
flat against each other.  My surmise was based on the geometry of the
opening.  If the glue adheres evenly all over, the fan glue application
must be quite heavy.  I would then guess that the glue geometry must be
similar to what I was trying to achieve with the method outlined in my
previous note.  I would guess that the order of operations would be: jog
square, heavy fan glue without pressing, let glue go to heavy tack, form
spine and notches, let set.  One could perhaps get this effect better with
a high-solids glue.

I look forward to your researches in glues.


At 01:26 PM 12/11/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>Gavin, I examined some "Limited Edition" hard cover books recently which are
>published by LRS Books and produced on a Ultrabind double-fan binding
>machine in California as far as I can tell. I found them at a local library
>and played with the books for awhile. These books do have a rounded back as
>well as the 3 mm shoulders. So it seems that a double-fan bound book can be
>made in the same style as the original book. You said: "If this were to be
>done with fan gluing, the open pages at the apex would not be well adhered."
>What do you mean by the apex?

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