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Re: [BKARTS] MFA in Book Arts from Purchase College, SUNY

I am a graduate of the Book Arts program at Purchase(1996) and find Mr
Hutchins posting completely off base. It is too bad that another artist
felt it was proper to slam a program and possibly the reputation of all
of its graduates and faculty because of a sosme misguided personal

While at  Purchase (1993- 1996), I found the program an enriching
experience, the faculty are in fact quite inspired/ing, imaginative,
accomplished Artists. They are reliable and committed to keeping this
program going. I found working with them to be rewarding educational
experience. The computer and printing facilities are state of the art.
The opportunity to produce offset printed editions is a major draw for
this program. I also took of advantage of the optional 3rd year to
complete my thesis with a year of straight studio time after completing
all of the other requirements for the degree. I found my 3 years
comuting from Brooklyn to Purchase to be one of the most rewarding
experiences of my Life. Thanks Phil, Clif, Champe, Cheryl, Warren,
Margot, Sally and all the other MFA students and Faculty.

Jennifer Magee

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> Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 19:39:49 -0500
> Subject: Re: [BKARTS] MFA in Book Arts from Purchase College, SUNY
> As someone who has first-hand knowledge of Purchase College and the
> arts program there, I would strongly urge anyone considering this
option to
> select another alternative.  It is NOT a reliable, or competent,
> The book arts program when I was there (1996-97) was for the most part

> unstaffed, unfunded, undirected, unappreciated, unimaginative,
> and as a result, unappealing.  After a frustrating year working with
one of
> the worst persons I've ever met in the 54 years of my life I moved on
> more rewarding ways to improving my education.
> There are many fine book arts programs across the U.S. and the program
> Purchase College in my opinion is not one of them.
> Ed Hutchins
> www.artistbooks.com

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