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[BKARTS] A wooden book: Tanka of the Local Village

Dear friend

Respectfully , I send you information on my new wooden
"Tanka of the Local Village"
170 Tanka written in Spanish and in English
with explanatory notes in English
A handmade book, one by one
Colored with acrylic paintings
With 14 illustrations made with color pencils and inks

A book that weighs 1,100 kilograms!
With 2 wooden sheets of 3 millimeters of thickness of
15,5 centimeters  of wide for 21 centimeters of high
(the covers).
With 10 wooden sheets of 3 millimeters of thickness of

15 centimeters wide for 19 centimeters of high
(the interior leaves)
24 paper leaves beautifully decorated and mounted
on the 12 wooden sheets

Critical Praise for “Tanka of the Local Village”

“Guillermo, your book is absolutely amazing!...the
quality and unusual  subject matter of the tanka and
the gorgeous production. It belongs in libraries and
museums that collect “artists” books... it is very
hard to describe it adequately without seeing a
copy...what a work of art and a labor of love!”. Lady
Tanka, (fictional name that we use to protect their
identity), a reader from New York that already
received their wooden book.

“It is a strange book. The content of the Tanka
embraces the philosophy, the local history, the family
history, the love, the description of an oppresive
social reality, the pain and the happines of the daily
life. The reader that hopes to find to calm and soft
japanese court poetry has made a mistake of book. The
war, the eradication, the inmigration, the
globalization and the reflection of a modern poet take
possession of 31 syllables to polish an authentic
mirror in wich all the villages can be see themselves.
Tanka of the Local Village is a hard book in all
senses”. Prof. David Cureses, Director of the
Municipal Comedy of Almirante Brown.

“In the first place, Tanka of the Local Village is an
example of comparative literature: the basic form of
the Japanese poetry,   a writer Argentinean descendant
of Roman, Celtic, Viking and Anglo-Saxons,  the text
in Spanish and in English  and the Local Village and
the Global Village being in each verse. Guillermo
Compte Cathcart  integrates the Tanka with an
explanatory note an evident homage to the Scandinavian
sagas. One of the notes - that explains the content of
3 fabulous Tanka - mentions to the convent of
Lindisfarne and the Gospel illuminated for Eadfrith.
The mention is not casual. Guillermo Compte Cathcart
(as Eadfrith) also illuminates its wooden book with
imagination and quality.This book is an excellent ally
to develop the habit reader in children and young”
Sergio Lázaro , in a special emission of the radio
program Radio Gutenberg  , “to read with the

“The Lord of the Books. JRR Tolkien had said: "A Book
to find them, a Book to attract to all them  and to
tie them to the good reading, to the Light of the
Words" Horacio Bermúdez, Wings of the South

“If I had Tanka of Local Village without words but
with the illustrations, it would use it to publish my
memoirs of trips, my genealogical tree, my poems. An
extraordinary bookbinding!”. Francisca Palmiero,
Truth 21

“A very special book with the history of the
neighborhood and their people. Guillermo Compte
Cathcart, the great-grandson of William Cathcart -
founder of the periodic The Buenos Aires Herald
demonstrates us that it is possible to express the
Local History poetically using the basic form of the
Japanese poetry, called Tanka of 31 syllables in five
line, following the syllabic quantities 5-7-5-7-7. For
this book, Guillermo was chosen one of the outstanding
neighbors of the year in the counties of Almirante
Brown y Lomas de Zamora” Clarín (the most important
newspaper in the Argentina).

 “A book to touch. A book to caress. A book to show to
our friends. A book to read our children and our
grandsons. A book to read aloud, walking around them,
gesticulating as if we were actors of an immortal
play. A wooden book to recover the lost human
communication. That communication made of expressions
and caresses. A fabulous antidote against the
television indigestion”. Mauricio Ruiz Díaz,
Books:Facts & Tendencies

“When my students read Tanka of the Local Village they
took charge to Guillermo Compte Cathcart wooden books
to place in them their own poems, their own histories.
Evidently, the technique of the wooden book is
excellent for all the lovers of the reading. The 170
Tanka is true jewels to shine one and another time in
any party of letters”.   Prof. Emiliana Librandi,
Coordinator of literary circles in
Avellaneda y Lanús.

The price of the wooden book "Tanka of the Local
Village" it is $60 (American dollars)
The price includes the shipment expense

The public library alone should pay the shipment
expense $30 (American dollars)
The non profit organizations alone should pay the
shipment expense $ 30 (American dollars)

For further information: contact Guillermo Compte
Juan de Garay 254
(1854) Longchamps
e-mail: radiogutenberg@yahoo.com

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