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I was lucky enough to be included in Claire Dinsmore's most fantastic online
journal 'Cauldron & Net,' Please take a look . . .  Inge Bruggeman
After many postponements, I am pleased to announce the release of the new
issue [volume 4] of cauldron & net, a journal of the arts & new media. The
current issue features author Kathleen Fraser and book artist
Inge Bruggeman. Alongside of these features is a choice selection poetry,
essays, fiction, visual art, hypermedia work and sound.

Enjoy --

Claire Dinsmore, Editor
"What am I, if not a collector of vanished gazes?"
- Theo Angelopoulos, Ulysses' Gaze
The Dazzle as Question: http://rhizome.org/object.rhiz?2572
Editor, Cauldron & Net: an on-line journal of the arts & new media

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