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[BKARTS] Form and Fancy : The Cross-Pollination of Imagination and Structure, A Workshop at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico With Laurie Doctor & Laura Wait, February 15-22, 2003

 > Form  and Fancy : The Cross-Pollination of Imagination and Structure
 > A Workshop at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico
 > With Laurie Doctor & Laura Wait
 > February 15-22, 2003
 > Join us on 21,000 acres of high desert under millions of stars.
 > A week of stories, painting, and poetry, culminating in the production of a
 > sophisticated painted book, bound with a leather spine and wood covers.
 > Laurie Doctor will guide you through the morning, creating
 > content for artistic expression. Writing, painting, poetry, and stories will
 > develop the pattern for igniting imagination.  Painting many sheets of paper
 > will begin the investigation and development of a completed wood cover book
     and a small Book of Days.

 > Laura Wait will introduce pastepaper painting and decoration as a beginning
 > for painted pages. Chine colle will be used as a method for collage and
 > freeform layering of images.
 > The binding or our books will be non-adhesive structure sewn onto thick
 > parchment and leather straps with a concertina. The spine will be in leather
 > segments, which allows for creative use of color and exposed sewing. Covers
 > will be painted wood, designed to flow visually into the endpapers and the
 > image and text pages.
 > Sewing, leather paring and good bookbinding technique will be will be
 > emphasized in order to make an elegant and well-made book.
 > Our goal will be to pursue artistic expression as well as studying the fine
 > craft of bookbinding. We will make one finished book, and a lot of other
 > "drafts" and sketches along the way.
 > In addition, we will stay warm inside, and able to take marvelous walks in
 > the rocks and saffron buttes of Ghost Ranch during the beautiful winter.
 > Workshop fee $550. Materials: $75. Room and board $500.
 > To secure your place in From and Fancy, send a $175.00 non-refundable
 > deposit to Laura Wait  at 3358 Pecos St. Denver, CO. 80211
 > For more information go to www.lauriedoctor.com or contact
 > Laura Wait at laurawait@earthlink.net.

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