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[BKARTS] Swatch Book construction help?

Good afternoon all,
I am a binder who also works part time for a reproduction block printed
wallpaper factory that specializes in 18th and 19th century designs.  The
owner wishes me to assist him in preparing 300  4" x 4" color swatch books.
In the past he has done these himself using mat board covers with a simple
single post and screw binding in one corner.

His covers were made from one piece of mat board into which he cut V shaped
grooves on one side of the board one inch apart down the center.  When the
board was folded with these grooves on the inside it would create a spine
and two covers with no marks or blemishes on the outside.  The post and
screw hole was then drilled in the bottom right corner of the front cover
allowing the swatches to swing out of their "case" and swing back in.  He
complained that the task of cutting these inner V shaped grooves was
painstaking at best and is looking for alternatives.  He wishes to simplify
the process due to the large number he wants to produce.

My first suggestion was to make a true three piece cover with a fabric
covered spine acting as a hinge.  It was rejected as too time consuming and
fancy. (I tried not to roll my eyes or sigh)

My second suggestion was to simply make shallow cuts through the board and
then bend away from these cuts in the same manner as you would for
box-making.  This idea has not been rejected but he cares little for the
fact that the cuts are visible.  If we could "cover" them with something
quickly and easily he might be interested....fabric or paper are both not
desirable...perhaps a wide width artists tape??

My third suggestion obviously is to go with a lighter weight material that
could be pressure scored for folding.  The question is what exactly?  I am
familiar with up to 100 LB weights of card stock but am getting feed back
that he wants it to be more "Board like" than paper like.  Is there a sturdy
lightweight board that can be pressure scored with a bone folder and fold
well without cracking?  Looking through an art supply catalog I have come
across the following materials Crescent 14 ply posterboard (.048" thick),
and Bristol Board in 2-5 ply.  I am not familiar with either of these
materials.  Would they meet the board like criteria but still accept a
pressure score and fold?

Hoping for some brainstorming suggestions and guidance.
Only good things,
Melissa Hatalsky
Sharon Springs, NY

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