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Re: [BKARTS] Swatch Book construction help?

Dear Melissa,

Here come the engineers again.

If the mat board cover is in every way satisfactory except for the cutting
operation, why not simple jig the cutting so it becomes a simple, one
stroke operation?

There are at least two ways to do this.  One is a hand method, and the
other is a machine method.

For the hand method, you simply need to make a plane or jointer block, with
appropriately spaces and angled holes into which you fit cutting blades,
such as the cheap snap offs that are everywhere available.  A simple wedge
or screw may be used to hold the blades in place.  Such a block can then be
run against a straight edge to make the cut.  A simple wooden plate can be
made to hold the straight edge the proper distance from the board stop.  If
an old rotary cutter or something similar is available, you can use the
cutter guide bar to run the block on, which makes it a very simple
apparatus to operate.  Set up may be a bit fiddly, but not too
difficult.  Then your cuts are as simple as a board cutter operation.

If the proper image of these things does not immediately spring to mind,
think of a matte cutter.  In fact, a matte cutter could be adapted to this
operation quite easily.  If you only used a single cutter and four strokes,
all you would need to do to the cutter would be add a stop for the blade to
prevent it from cutting all the way through the board.

The machine operation would be to set a motorized rotary vee cutter pair in
an arbor on a block, and run it in the same manner.  This is a simple
milling operation, and it can be made as simple or as complex as you have
stomach for.

All the best, Gavin

At 12:17 PM 19/11/2002 -0500, Melissa Hatalsky wrote:
>Good afternoon all,
>I am a binder who also works part time for a reproduction block printed
>wallpaper factory that specializes in 18th and 19th century designs.  The
>owner wishes me to assist him in preparing 300  4" x 4" color swatch books.
>In the past he has done these himself using mat board covers with a simple
>single post and screw binding in one corner.

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