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Re: [BKARTS] Japan visit

I think maybe getting in touch with some of the Japanese paper houses
here in the US might be of some help.  Aiko's (Chicago), Hiromi (Calif.)
and Paper Connection International (R.I.) all maintain good links with
their suppliers/makers in Japan.

Though I have not traveled to Japan, and can't speak from direct
experience, I know that introductions, whether letters or in-person
referrals, are generally the only way to really get 'behind the scenes'
and meet with other artists and craftspeople. The only way to get those
is of course to build up trust and a certain amount of clout.  The
language is of course another barrier.
That said, I'm sure if you get in touch with the Japanese ministry
handling arts and culture, they can direct you to any number of
papermaking villages, perhaps some bookbinding shops in major cities,
scroll-mounting studios, etc.  
Have you thought of phoning your local Japanese consulate? With the
sizeable Japanese population in Boston/Cambridge they should be able to
give you some leads.

Happy travels-

Douglas Sanders
Indiana Historical Society

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