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[BKARTS] Workshop Announcement

History and Use of Pigments and Inks with Cheryl Porter

The Conservation Department of the Newberry Library will host a five-day workshop on the "History and Use of Pigments and Inks" on May 19-23, 2003. This workshop is partially funded through a generous grant from the Foundation of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (FAIC).

Each day of the workshop will be divided between morning lecture and afternoon laboratory activities.

Morning sessions will include lectures, slides, examples, and some handouts. Topics include chemical and physical properties of pigments and media, original recipes and methods of manufacture, economic and iconographic importance. Medieval and pre-industrial pigments will be emphasized. Binding media such as gum and egg will be examined. Various methods of identifying pigments will be discussed. Registration is limited.

During the afternoon laboratory, session participants will prepare samples of the pigments discussed using historic recipes. Students will produce a pigment chart for their own use. Methods of sampling pigments from original materials will be demonstrated and practical consolidation techniques for flaking and friable pigments will be discussed. Registration is limited.

Cheryl Porter will teach the workshop. Ms. Porter studied at the Camberwell College of Arts in London and then worked at the University of London (UCL) Painting Analysis Unit. Later she was a Research Fellow at UCL History of Art Department analyzing pigments and application techniques in medieval manuscripts. She has also worked closely with the University of Cambridge on the analysis and conservation of pigments and dyes. Ms. Porter now teaches throughout he UK, Europe and Australia and has been Director of the Montefiascone Library Conservation Project in Italy since its inception in 1988.

Full Workshop registration, which includes morning lectures and afternoon labs, costs $360, with AIC member discount, $300. Participants may choose to attend only morning lectures for a fee of $10 per lecture, $50 for the five-day morning session.

Registrants are responsible for their own hotel accommodations and meals. Morning and afternoon coffee and light snacks will be provided. Registrants will receive a packet of information including class hours, hotel information, etc.

Please contact Giselle Simon at simong@newberry.org or 312-255-3549 for more information and registration packet.

Giselle Simon

Acting Director, Conservation Services

Newberry Library

60 W. Walton

Chicago, IL 60610



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