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Re: [BKARTS] trip to Paris & Rome

 From my collected clippings of them that know I offer these 

in Paris, go to Mariage Freres, 30, Rue du Bourg-Tibourg, the tea store 
and museum. Forget about books and marvel at their thousands and 
thousands of tea varieties

Be sure to pick up a copy of Art et Metiers du Livre when in Paris. The 
journal includes a very extensive listing (calendrier) of book-related 
events. I think that kiosks have it, but if not, check at Nicaise on 
the Blvd. St. Germain or at the magazine's offices. Their website is
http://www.aml-editions.fr/  and the address of the editorial office is 
55 bis, rue de Lyon in the 12th arrondissement.

Do make a point of stopping at Librairie Blaizot, 164 rue Faubourg St. 
Honore, 8eme. They usually have a good exhibition of contemporary 
bookbinding works

Shakespeare and Co in Paris -Part of the story of Silvia Beach and the 
original store on the rue de l'Odeon is detailed in the book, Women of 
the Left Bank.

George Whitman, at my last visit to Paris in 1998, was still running 
the shop which is filled with new and used books at Paris prices and 
bins of freebies and low-cost paperbacks outside. there are special 
visits allowed to the upstairs where the book collections continue.

Then go into the little church of St. Julien-le-Pauvre just nearby and 
admire the icons. A humble and lovely spot with occasional free or 
low-cost concerts in the evenings.

Nancy Cunard also had the Hours Press in Paris for a time, after moving 
from Normandy, though I'm not sure of the address...and then, of 
course, there is Colette's apartment overlooking the Palais 
Royale....and a little ink shop called Encre Violette (near the Picasso 
Museum and the Marais) where there are large crystal decanters with 
silver spigots, filled with inks of all colors, from forget-me-not to 
Violet to canary yellow and emerald. You can buy bottles to fill there 
- or bring your own.

Countries with listings in the Calligraphic & Book Arts World Travel 
Guide so far cover Australia/Canada/Czech 
Republic/England/France/Germany/New Zealand/USA.

The URL from which to check this link is  

This web-page also has a relatively broad listing of book-related 
resources in Paris (go to his personal page and click "WOID").
Paul Werner, New York City  http://pages.nyu.edu/~ptw1

Rougier & Ple is a very large craft store in Paris, with a fairly 
decent bookbinding supply department on the second floor. They are at 
13-15, boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris. There is a metro 
station right there at bd. des Filles du Calvaire. They are open 9:30 
to 6:30 Monday through Saturday. They sell everything from equipment to 
tools, sundries,
papers and leathers and all kinds of nifty gadgets

Relma is a wonderful store. They have a sumptuous display, in graduated 
colors, of hundreds and hundreds of skins. And their selection of 
decorative papers is unbelievable! They also have a few interesting 
books on bookbinding/marbling/etc. that are not readily available here 
(they are in French of course!).

L'Art du Papier,  48 Rue Vavin,  75006 Paris - blank journals, lotsa 
paper, art supplies, some stamps (mostly US ones, just a few local 
french one - you must get a Paris stamp), some calligraphy stuff

Marie Papier - 26 Rue Vavin amazing blank journals (amazingly 
expensive) and paper, envelopes nice things, pretty to visit.  This  
shop is in fashion and always cited in french chic craft magazines and 
the prices are high by way of consequence. L'Eclat de verre,  Relma and 
Rougier et Plé have a larger range of papers. Their email is 

and you should also look at Rouge et Noir (a games shop) for totally 
unrelated gorgeous stuff (puzzles, playing cards - hundreds of them) 
which is also in the SAME STREET.

I expect you also like to eat. There was also a boulangerie on the same 
street with a queue of locals out the front - that had to be good. 
There was a pretty toy and kids book shop too, and at the end of the 
street was the Jardin du Luxembourg, which you also must see - that's 
where you can sit to eat whatever you bought at the boulangerie!

Oh, and at the Opera House shop at Bastille, they have rubber stamps of 
the Paris Opera House

The district of the Montparnasse tower is also a good area for artist 

 From ARTitude: Hint:  Pack an empty duffel bag in your suitcase to 
carry all the goodies you're going to buy!

Source for hotel info:  www.france.com/travel/htels/PHG.html

----Musee National Auguste Rodin

----Stamp and Postcard Market - Near the Champs-Elysees, on the corner 
of Av. Matignon and Av. Gabriel.  Thurs, Sat, Sun, 10 am.

----Porte de Vanves flea market - Av. Georges Lafenestre and Av. Marc  
Sangnier. Sat, Sun. 7:30 am - 1:00 pm.  This is a medium-sized flea 
market that is very manageable and easy to get around.

----Booksellers along the river Seine - All along the river Seine, 
there are stalls overflowing with books, potage stamps prints and 

----Mokuba - 1 Rue Montmartre - A stunning and colorful array of truly 
gorgeous ribbons!

----La 'Rotisserie d'en Face - 2 rue Christine - It may sound funny to 
order roast chicken and mashed potaties in Paris, but wowee, this was 
one of the best meals I've ever had in my life!  Be sure to save  room 
for the scruptious frozen caramel ice cream cake.

----Gerard Mulot - Several locations throughout the city.  Grab fresh 
sandwiches to go and the best caramelised apple tart in the world.

----Fauchon - 26-30 place de la Madeleine - Select decadent chocolates 
and candies in charming containers.  Great souvenirs!

Christine, who is dying to go.  Hope you enjoy it thoroughly.
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