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Re: [BKARTS] request for suggestions on book making books or journals

Hi Sarah:

Regarding your resource page. It seems everyone not into commercial printing
seems to have this thing against adhesive bound books. That is how most
books are made however. I searched and searched the shelves of the Vancouver
Public Library on how to make an adhesive bound book but there wasn't
anything decent.

It appears that people are against adhesive binding and make their own one
of a kind type books by sewing because it is considered durable, but then if
they suddenly want to publish small numbers economically they go to the
other extreme of being not so durable which is perfect binding.

There are few books on adhesive bound books but that may be really helpful
to people. Double-fan glue binding produces durable books but I don't know
of any books on it. Maybe someone else can recommend one?

By the way your e-mail address doesn't work for me anyways.

Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
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-----Original Message-----
I am a Library Tech student in Vancouver, BC. I am
about to create a resource www page on, "the art of
book making"!  I am wondering if anyone has a
preference or recommendation for an excellent book
making guide. I have found Keith Smith's series
Bookmaking without Glue or Paste and I believe it is a
reputable source. However, I am wondering if anyone
has any other suggestions for websites, societies,
directories or books/journals.

Thank you for reading this. You can email me at
ilovedorthyparker@yahoo.ca or respond to list.


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