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Re: [BKARTS] Leather

For real leather, any of the bookbinding suppliers like Talas <http://www.talasonline.com>, Bookmakers <http://www.bookmakerscatalog.com/>, ... Hewit <http://www.hewit.com> has a more economical goatskin (assisted = embossed grain) which is quite nice. Specs from Hewit are:

Pentland Goat
Recent efforts have been directed towards creating a new leather with similar appearance and handling properties to Nigerian skins but based on the same Indian goatskins which we use in the production of most of our other goat leathers (including Chieftain). We are very pleased to announce that we have named this new leather PENTLAND goat: it has an assisted grain but in all other respects it is finished in the same way as Clansman. This leather is made from Indian goatskins with a Nigerian effect assisted grain. The fully vegetable tanned leather is aniline dyed and is hand polished to give a very attractive two-tone finish, highlighting the grain normally associated with Nigerian goatskins.
       Average Skin Size: 0.60m  0.70m (6.50ft  7.50ft)
       Approx. Cut Size: 65 x 55 cm

There are some other vendors, including Hewit who will also be happy to sell you split, embossed, bonded leather as well...


At 09:13 AM 11/23/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Where is the best place to buy leather for bibles ? I would only need a
>couple of sides at a time so I need a place that sells small quanities.

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