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Re: [BKARTS] request for suggestions on book making books or journals (Dos a dos vs. double fan)

 From "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books: A dictionary of descriptive terminology.

Dos  dos binding A form of bookbinding in which two books, usually small and frequently of a complementary nature, e.g., a Psalter and New Testament, are bound back to back so that they open in opposite directions, one of the three boards being the common lower board of both volumes. The spines and fore edges are opposed. Their upper boards are usually either embroidered or covered with gold-tooled leather. However the dos  dos binding is picked up, it opens at the beginning of one of the two books. From <http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/don/dt/dt1050.html>

Double Fan Adhesive Binding: Fanning the clamped leaves, either in one direction or both (in the latter case 180 deg.), so that the adhesive is applied a slight distance onto the leaves, thus forming a more secure bond. From <http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/don/dt/dt0044.html>

>Is it possible that the French term for "double-fan
>binding" is "dos-a-dos"? I found it in Keith Smith's
>book Non-Adhesive Binding:Books Without Paste or Glue
>on page 253. He describes the "dos-a dos" as, "two
>separate texts with two separatly sewn backs within
>close proximity since they share the back cover in
>Anyway, I hope that helps- but unfortunatly I have no

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