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[BKARTS] Cutters

A question about cutters. Well, first a bit of background. I'm printing two
5.5x8.5 pages on standard letter size(8.5x11) paper, and therefore need to
cut these in half very precisely. Right now I only deal with a very small
number and so it's feasible to fold and rip by hand. This has given
surprisingly precise results. But, things might be heating up soon, so I'm
casting about for alternatives. One is the pre-perforated paper I sent a
message about a few days back. The second is a cutter. The type that can
cut through 100+ pages seems to cost close to a thousand dollars, far
beyond the budget I have right now. This leaves cutters. My question is,
for the $100-200 range, which would be a better alternative, rotary cutters
or the guillotine type ones with the blade that pivots down. Which is more
precise and repeatable? Needs less blade replacement? And any other factor
you might deem important.

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