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Re: [BKARTS] Cutters

I am supplier of paper cutters and would be pleased to give you my opinion
regarding cutters under $200.

Rotary trimmers are very popular due to their precision and inherent safety.
The best rotary trimmer you can get in the market today is Rotatrim.  The M12
model (12" cut length) would cost you $151 and the next size up, the M15 with
15" of cut capacity, would cost you $175.  I also carry other brands - like
bLS and Susis professional series cutters from Germany that you can get in
the $100 range.  These will give you equally precise cuts and blade
durability as the Rotatrim but are not quite as heavy duty in construction.

Guillotine style cutters (table top with a lever blade) are also a good
option.  In general, these cutters also give you a more open view of the
cutting line versus rotary trimmers.  The high-end types are just as precise
as the rotary models.  Also, they are more suitable for cutting such
materials as book board and foam board.  The one that I would highly
recommend is KUTRIMMER model 2035.  This will give you a cut length of just
over 13".  It has a safety guards and a very nice clamp mechanism which comes
down automatically as you bring the blade down when cutting.   You can cut
max. 30 sheets of regular paper at a time with this cutter. Cost is $165 plus

good luck and best regards,

Pedram Fanian
c/o SignetAndino co
1506-75 Graydon Hall Dr.
Toronto, Ontario  M3A 3M5

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