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[BKARTS] Paper Grain (was cutters)

    Before we get too involved in arguing over the whys and wherefors of the
direction of the grain of a sheet of paper, I would advise all of us to
consult the Book_Arts archives. The subject has been discussed on this list
ad nauseum. A search for "Grain" will bring up at least 100 entries There is
information to answer most, if not all, of your questions, including how to
determine the grain of a sheet of paper. Happy hunting1

"How much of a problem does long grain paper create for a standard laser
printer? In terms of a trade-off, which is more important -- the loss of
binding stiffness, or the printing problems?"  (Jules)

Jules, short grain paper feeds without a problem on my HPLaserjet 2100. I
have learned that, when I'm printing two sides, I have to let the paper cool
down and relax before printing the second side or the page might wrinkle and
cause a jam. There is more of a problem on a very dry day so I have to do
what I can to make the atmosphere in the room more humid. As Edward Stansell
has said, using the paper in the correct grain direction is far more
important than printing problems.

> Copy paper is often short grain to accomodate passing over rollers or
> more easily without the benefit of a guide. (Edward)

Edward, in my experience, most, if not all, the paper on the shelves of a
copy shop are grain long. The package may or may not indicate the grain by
listing the lengthwise grain first, or underlining it. The wrapper of the
ream of Mead copy paper i am looking at right now, says: 500 sheets 8.5 x
11"  Although the 8.5 measurement is listed first, this paper is definitely
long-grained. One MUST learn how to determine the direction before using any
paper, board or covering material.

I'm puzzled about your statement about short grain paper passing mor easily
over rollers and drums. In a former life, I published a little community
newsletter on 8.5x14 paper, printed on a Multilith 1250 press , which I
actually learned to use. I was able to procure, for free, several roll ends
of newsprint which I had had cut into legal size sheets. I was not yet into
bookbinding so I gave no directions for cutting and it was all cut
chort-grain. The printer let me know right away that the paper wouldn't work
because the grain was wrong and it wrinkled too much going over the rollers
and drums.


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