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Re: [BKARTS] Grain and Humidity (was Cutters)

Hi Ed
I certainly did not mean to imply that all paper has the grain going the
length of the sheet. However, "long grain" means that the grain goes the
length of the sheet.
    Of course, some letter size paper is cut so that it is short grain.
However, the great majority of letter size paper is long grain, and is labeled
as 8 1/2 x 11". Thus the grain direction is in the direction of the second
dimension. Paper manufacturers are not always consistent in their labeling.
However, I have found that if one dimension is underlined, that has invariably
been the direction of the grain.
    On a different topic, someone suggested that the way to solve feeding and
curling problems on laser printers is to raise the humidity. Rarely is this
the case. A laser printer has a hot fuser roller which removes more moisture
from one side of the sheet than from the other. This often causes the paper to
curl. At least one paper manufacturer recommends keeping humidity down to
about 40 percent for laser printing, since relatively low humidity leads to
less curl. Built-in duplexing devices, which print on the second side of the
sheet a very short time after the first side is printed, help to avoid curl.
Best  wishes,

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>I beg to disagree with you that the grain is the long measurment on the
>sheet.  Grain can vary. The grain of machine made paper is the length of the
>roll as opposed to the width. So, however the mill cuts it out determines the
>grain on the sheet.  Most paper today does begin with the grain direction
>being the longest measurement. The key word there is most. 8 1/2 x 11 Copy
>paper is often short grain to accomodate passing over rollers or drums more
>easily without the benefit of a guide.  Usually the grain direction is the
>first measurment mentioned.

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