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Re: [BKARTS] Paper Grain


Might I suggest that your printer who had difficulty with short grain paper
was short on talent as a printer. I have worked for or with with the printing
trade for nearly fifty years. It might be surprising, but many printers knew
nothing whatever about grain. Some even thought that long grain paper was
simply a better grade.  How would your printer have printed a book? They are
always (or should be always) printed on short grain paper (unless they are
printed on single sheets). Regular printing presses have so many rollers that
control the path of the sheet that, once started through the machine, almost
nothing will change it.  If grain made much of a difference to a printer, he
would prefer it ran at right angles to the direction the machine runs. In
other words, he would prefer it ran with the grain parallel with the rollers

There should be no argument regarding grain because it's not a matter for
speculation or opinion. It's a matter of physical fact. You needn't take my
word for it. Ask a knowledgable printer.

Ed Stansell

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