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Re: [BKARTS] Paper grain in commercial printing


I don't believe you or your pressmen were professional grade printers. Many
jobs especially books have to be printed short grain. We have done many
limited editions. At least a thousand books per year. These editions were of
a superior quality which meant practically standing over the printer. When
the job was printed we had to examine every sheet. Believe me, if the printer
had troubles, we knew about it. There were problems with off-setting and with
failure to properly back-up the forms. NEVER was there a problem caused by
the grain direction.  Books are produced by the billion in our world. How
often have you observed wrinkles in the pages. My guess is that you never
have. From what I know about presses ( I have operated some of the smaller
ones ATF Chief and Multilith) I don't see how you can possibly get a wrinkle
because of short grain. If your timing from the feeder to the intake rollers
is off, you might get wrinkles because you're jamming up the sheets. I was
quite the novice as a pressman and I didn't have a problem from short grain
paper. If a novice like me had no problem, why should a pro?

Ed Stansell

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