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Re: [BKARTS] request for suggestions on book making books or journals-Adhesive binding

Let's keep things civil here. We tend to do a good job.


I'm not going to take sides, and don't care about the whos and whats in this discussion, but in craft, as in science, there are right ways and wrong ways to do things. There may be many of both, but it is a proven fact.

>How can anyone prove who is right or wrong and who cares?

Ben, I'm going to turn up the heat here a bit. Given your statement below, I can only conclude that you don't really know much about binding at all, despite your best efforts to learn and categorize.

I think you'll find that as you make different styles of bindings, traditional and alternative, sewn and glued, that all are complex structures if they are to function, and that the sum of the parts and how they are put together matters a great deal. A badly bound (craft) adhesive book is not going to last no matter how good the glue. Likewise an exquisitely bound sewn book in leather is not going to last if the materials are poor.

>While I think the action of a high quality adhesive binding is by it's very nature better than a sewn binding, I know that it doesn't take as much knowledge of bookbinding details and materials
>to make a good sewn binding.

Now, let's get back on track. Let's keep the pontificating civil. Yikes!

Have a restful and happy Thanksgiving.


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