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[BKARTS] Bookbinding Bibliographies

As part of the effort to improve the Book Arts Web, I have just updated the long ignored Bibliography pages. Originally the page had a relatively brief bibliography of bookbinding manuals, a better one of marbling books compiled by Dolores Duffy, and then some results of Amazon searches. The marbling bibliography, and the typography and papermaking searches from Amazon are still there, but the bookbinding bibliography has been greatly enhanced.

With some encouragement and prodding of I have begun in earnest to attempt to get a handle on my personal reference library of books, journals, exhibition catalogs, lesson plans, off-prints, copies, ... Groupings in the bibliography are by general category (bookbinding, conservation, exhibition catalogs...) and then sorted by author. A key feature of the bibliography is that the "tables of contents" have been included in the "description" field, giving a better idea of what the book covers. Currently only the "bookbinding manuals" are online. This will be followed in due course by the book and paper conservation and preservation manuals, exhibition catalogs, other reference books, ...  Before I go on though, I need to enhance the first 10 or so records which are a bit lean in the description field. The URL is: <http://www.philobiblon.com/bibliography-bookbinding.htm>.

The master file for the bibliography is in a FileMaker Pro ver5.5 database. Fields not for public consumption and duplicate records have been deleted for the web version. The description field is drawn from the table of contents of the book and should give a general idea of what the book is about, and in some cases may be subjective. As my collections spans the late 19th - 21st centuries, and given the fact that perceptions of the merit of techniques have evolved, the date may, or may not be important for the user's needs. Fields are: Author, Title, Publisher, Pages, No. of Copies, Language, Location (home, work, loaned), Subject 1 (broad categories), Subject 2 (specific categories), Description (tables of contents), Notes (bound by or other provenance type things, Price (for ins purposes, but will be incomplete).

This bibliography is a work in progress, and I welcome comments on it. I'd also be interested in hearing what others are doing. Most, if not all of us, must have reference collections. How do others have them organized? Why do we make the decisions we do?


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