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[BKARTS] Output possible with manual presses

This question is mainly directed at the Print-on-Demand folks. Namely, what
sort of output numbers are possible using manual presses like Peter
Jermann's fan-gluing press, or others such as Chet Novicki's device.
Typically, how long does the full book production cycle take from clicking
the Print button to a bound book? I'm trying to interest local booksellers
in my stuff and am attempting to get a grip on what levels of output are
possible. My current Rube Goldberg contraptionary methods of
hand-folding/ripping, clamps and boards are not too scalable...not to
mention undisplayable to anybody who wants to examine my "production
facilities"! So I'm interested in knowing what speeds can be achieved with
a proper cutter like the Martin Yale 7000E, and aligning/gluing aids like
the presses mentioned above.


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