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Re: [BKARTS] Use of artist's images for a powerpoint presentation

>Please forgive intrusion
    by the wearer of multiple hats
    who is a once-upon-a-time calligrapher,
    a continuing graphic artist,
    a wanna-be funky bookmaker
    (who learns so much from this list
     and from Cyberscribes)
    and an Internet researcher ....

    who has -- among other "jobs" this fall --
    researched the Digital Millennium Copyright Act,
    copyright infringement on the net,
    the fair use doctrine
    and university responses to requests by
    the recording artists association.

Under the "law" you probably can use
the work of other artists
in your presentation;
but if I am among the group
to whom you are presenting ....
or you happen to run into my mentor
or any of my peers,
please be prepared to tell us
how you got permission
from the artists
and don't edit the details.

If you have a good concept,
it will sell itself.
You need to sell yourself
and prove to me
the you are not only bright
but also honest, respectful of art
and artists
and trustworthy.

Over the years
I've grown a little cynical ....
So it is especially nice
to be asked for permission to
use or show something I have done
or to hear similar stories from other
artists and calligraphers.

Think about it
and take the time to be considerate
it might even gain you
a contact or a mentor.

Hugs and Ciaobiddy


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