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Re: [BKARTS] Slippery Slide

Another aspect of this slippery slope and large corporations is how
some publishing concerns are now trying to take advantage of artists
and their works via ownership of work. My personal pet peeve.

My husband is a commercial illustrator and more than once and more
than twice has been asked to sign multi-page documents for a
$300-$500 project that grants the purchaser to all rights for all of
eternity to an image that is intended for a one time use, such as an
illustration to accompany a Sunday newspaper feature article. The
company that owns The Boston Globe is particularly bad about this.
We've seen similar documents from other publishing concerns. FYI, he
has never signed such documents and the publishing concerns most
often still purchase his work under HIS terms.

What this practice amounts to is that the publisher pays the market
value of commissioning an image for a one time use, yet cons the
unsuspecting artist into signing over ownership and usage of the
piece forever which, in effect, robs the artist of future income from
that image. The publishing concern can also build a database of stock
illustration for sale and/or forward an image throughout their
publishing family for additional use, again without paying the artist.

Most illustrators are willing to sell an image for unlimited use, but
the price is much higher than for one time use. The publishing
concerns are, in essence, trying to pay local bus fare rates yet get
a first class seat on a trans-Atlantic Concord flight!

>Perhaps we should all remind ourselves that the present ongoing
>frenzy to "protect artist's rights" is not coming primarily from
>artists but from large corporations using their financial muscle to
>clamp down on free expression. There is an interesting site devoted
>to helping artists and writers who have been hit with frivolous
>threats and lawsuits:
>And speaking of frivolity, I can assure Susan Lightcap and Jules
>Siegel that in my many years of slide lecturing it never occured to
>me once to show their work...without asking, I mean.
>Paul T Werner, New York
>WOID: A journal of visual language
>THE ORANGE PRESS, publishing "Vellum Preparation: History and Technique"
>DRAGONSBLOOD AND ASHES, a project to research and practice the
>techniques of the medieval scribe

Julie Sullivan

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