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[BKARTS] coptic question

Hello all wise bookbinders,
I am a graduate student at the Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts. I am
doing a research paper on the Coptic binding and need some help from your
collective wisdom. I have been reading "The Archeology of Medieval
Bookbinding" and have found it immensely helpful as to the origins of
ancient bindings. I was also wondering about the contemporary issues
surrounding the coptic binding. Keith Smith kindly answered some questions
for me, and suggested that the revival of many non-adhesive bindings was due
to the Florence Flood. For any historians among you out there, does anyone
know more about this? Why is there confusion about the definition of a
coptic binding? It is sometimes called a chain or link stitch, I have also
seen it called an Ethiopian binding. What is a true coptic? What other
factors may have lead to the revival of this binding?

Thank you so much for your help! Please let me know if there are other
resources (websites, articles, books) that I could use to find out more
information as well.

Emily Reiser

912 hinman ave. #3w
evanston, il  60202
tel/fax: 847.492.9886

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