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[BKARTS] AIC Certification debate

This will only be of interest to those in AIC, but I have been surprised by the lack of open debate on the subject by BPG types. Now that the ballots have been mailed out, and are arriving in peoples mailboxes with a few scant weeks before they're due, I'd be interested in hearing the thoughts of others.

There has been very lively debate on the OSG and CIPP lists, and much confusion on the subject (what will it do, to whom will it apply, why do it, the process, ...).

For those not in AIC <http://www.aic-faic.org> is the national organization for conservators of all areas of specialization. They have been investigating the feasibility, desire, ... of certification. From my reading, the certification process would be open to all, not just AIC members. Articles on the subject from the AIC Newsletter can be viewed at <http://aic.stanford.edu/geninfo/certsone.pdf>. The AIC membership has now been asked to vote on whether certification is worth pursuing. If the vote is nay, the issue dies (maybe), if yeh then various taskforces will begin trying to implement...

I'd be interested in hearing what others think.


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