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Re: [BKARTS] AIC Certification debate

You know Peter, I joined the AIC in 1985.  I left sometime around 1996 as a professional associate.  I heard the debate on certification in 85.  It's still going on in 2002-3.  I looked at the journals and newsletters in 85 and 96 and not much changed.  I heard the same crap over and over for my entire stay with the AIC (not just the cert. debate).  In eleven years they couldn't get a chapter finalized for the book conservation catalog.  It's like a giant, slowly moving sloth.  In my experience you can ignore them for ten years, come back and you haven't missed anything.  This may sound cynical, but that's my experience, at least with the book people.  Many of the people who are for certification, THOUGH NOT ALL, are those with fairly middling skills who wish to create and protect a mystique that is based on puffery and shameless self-promotion rather than talent, ingenuity or inspiration.  Just my opinion.

Bruce Levy
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