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Re: [BKARTS] Oversewing Alternatives/ its your call

It is really hard to determine exactly what to do with a book we cannot see.
The paper may be flexible enough for oversewning, or not. That is a call you
must make for yourself. Many "county history" books of the mid-to late 19th
Century were made with oversewn single sheets. (perhaps the forrunner of
perfect binding) Even though this paper is on the heavy side, it is generally
still flexible enough to oversew. The main problem you'll need to deal with
in oversewing is not from inflexibility in turning pages, but in having it
break as you sew it; much as if it were tearing at a perforation. Which in a
manner of speaking, it is.  If it can't be oversewn, a nice leather box will
be a handsome way to preserve it.


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