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[BKARTS] new edition

walking bird press is pleased to announce the completion of Jack! (in a box),
a varied edition of 24 artist's books. Letterpress printed on a single
piece of paper measuring 7.6 x  762 cm, (yes, that's 25 feet) various
nursery rhymes and traditional songs are interspersed with linocuts (and a
couple of wood engravings) by Tara Bryan. The text block is
concertina-folded to fit in a box 9.5 x 8.8 x 10 cm. (HxWxD); the boxes are
covered in six combinations of three colours, with a spring inside which
catapults the paper out when the box is opened.

If you would like to see a digital image of these books or want more
information, please contact me off-list.

Tara Bryan
walking bird press
63 Deermarsh Road
Flatrock, Newfoundland A1K 1C8

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