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[BKARTS] simplified box?

Some of you may recall that last fall I had to teach journal making to raw
beginners, freshmen enrolled in the foundations program in the School of
Design at the University of Cincinnati. This coming quarter (winter) we want
to teach them how to make a box.  This box will be both a learning
experience for them (part, I'm happy to report, of a revival of interest--at
this school anyway-- in the concept of teaching design by working with the
hands) as well as giving them a nice box in which to put their portfolio of
projects for the quarter.

Most of my boxmaking experience is with the clamshell box, which can be
quite complicated for those who have not done it before. Does anyone out
there know of a more simplified version? If so, can you direct me to
resources? Thanks!

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

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