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Re: [BKARTS] simplified box?

It's still a bit involved - but you could do a single tray of the clamshell
rather than a double tray - and then have it either be a drop spine or a
hinged lid box. I teach the clamshell box and have done it a few ways.  If
you have more than one class with them - you can make the first class a
pre-cut version - so that everyone is learning on the same size/dimension
and the board and book cloth is pre-cut.  Then, you can give a handout with
the formulas for how the board and cloth is measured to fit whatever they
are trying to enclose.  I also encourage students to make a second model
that leaves one tray glued up and the cloth half glued down with the tricky
flap cuts left free so they can refer back to it if they plan on making
more in the future.
Hope this helps,

>Most of my boxmaking experience is with the clamshell box, which can be
>quite complicated for those who have not done it before. Does anyone out
>there know of a more simplified version? If so, can you direct me to
>resources? Thanks!
>Katie Harper
>Ars Brevis Press

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