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Re: [BKARTS] scroll, codex and reading

One thing that has not been mentioned in the discourse on scroll v. codex, is
that of durability. Papyrus scrolls after normal use begin to crack at the
edges and soon become unusable, and therefore necessitate continual copying.
The codex had no such defect. What's more the codex cover was built in.
Whereas the scroll had a separate case that had to be opened and set aside.

It is also my understanding that vellum came to popular use beause the
Egyptians didn't wish to share their "paper" with the rest of the world.
People who had no papyrus, which was the majority, had to resort to other
materials. Someone come up with vellum and that was the end of the scroll,
except for ceremonial purposes. Were it not for the Egyptians stinginess, one
can only guess when the codex would have been invented.


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