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Re: [BKARTS] Oversewing Alternatives

In a message dated 12/5/02 5:54:42 PM, roroberts@JUNO.COM writes:
<< I have in my care an 1847 volume containing many plates printed on paper
which is fairly thick and stiff. As there are no folds, the sheets were
essentially oversewn .........  Short of guarding every leaf, what approach
might you recommend? >>

Of all the recommendations suggested I go along with guarding/hinging the
plates with Japanese tissue or tyvek and oversewing through the guards not
the original plates/paper.  If you allow a wide enough guard for the
thickness of the book the pages should turn smoothly.  If the spine will
swell due to the thickness of the paper, stubbing can be inserted to
If too labor intensive a box would be ok depending upon who will use the
book and how often.

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