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[BKARTS] scroll, codex... misconceptions

The comments about scrolls & codices are out of date and misleading.
Thompson's work is old and research has advanced quite a bit in the
last half century. Papyrus was a commodity shipped all over the
ancient world. There is no evidence that it was horded by the
Egyptian world. Parchment may have become common because of a blight
on the papyrus crop, leading to a shortage and the necessity of
creating an alternative. Papyrus does not become brittle with age or
use. Scrolls are still used today, the codex is not easier to use or
have a longer life. Some titles that clear up the development of
codex and replacement of papyrus with parchment are:

The Typology of the Early Codex by Eric Turner.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1977.

The Birth of the Codex by C. H Roberts and T. C. Skeat.
The British Academy, 1983.

The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding by J. A. Szirmai.
Ashgate Publishing, 1999.

Reading these and other titles found in their bibliographies will
increase your appreciation for the robust and durable nature of
papyrus and the usefulness of the scroll for storage and retrieval of

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